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Rights Respecting Schools- Going for Gold

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Here are some of the children at Gwyn Jones School AMAZING  posters! Celebrating  Article 2. Why don't you have a go at making one yourself!!

What is UNICEF's Rights Respecting Schools?


We are committed to placing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of our core values and ethos; believing children’s participation is integral to all aspects of school life. This results in empowered and self-confident children who can advocate for the rights of children everywhere.

This ethos further fosters a sense of community, respect and responsibility. It encourages the children to be active and informed citizens, who look to develop a positive future for all; campaigning and raising awareness.

The children’s experiences at Gwyn Jones Primary ensure the children know that they have the Rights of the Child and that these rights are inalienable. They also understand responsibilities they have as members of our local and global society.

Wednesday 30th September Exploring a new Right Every Week -How many do you know?

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RR Silver2(2)

In June 2018 we received our Silver Award.  Read the full report here:

How is this taught in school?

The Rights of the Child are at the heart of all the work undertaken across the curriculum and in all the policies in school. Each class has a core text each half term which are used for English lessons. These explore the rights as well as local and global issues.

We also take time to celebrate the rights in special events across school including "Take One Picutre Week", Expressive Arts Week, Anti-bullying week and Rights Respecting Day. This special events highlight the significant of the RRS as well as giving the children exciting, fun experiences. 

Do you need help?


If you need advice or just want to talk, call this helpline: 0800 1111 (calls are confidential and free)

Someone from Childline will help you with any problem if you are feeling sad or worried, or if you just need someone to talk to.

Visit their website to find out more: www.childline.org.uk


Young Minds

Young Minds helps children and young people to cope with difficult feelings - the website has lots of useful information and you can also call them on: 020 7336 8445 (local rates)



If you're worried about a child's safety or welfare or if you need help or advice, call this helpline: 0808 800 5000  (calls are confidential and free)

This NSPCC number is for anyone who's at risk or is worried about any other children who are at risk. 

Visit their website to find out more: http://www.nspcc.org.uk

Bullying, at school or outside school, is always wrong, no matter what. Here are the Anti Bullying Alliance’s top 10 tips about what to do if you are experiencing bullying:

1  Keep calm and walk away and don’t react

2  Don't get into a fight or an argument

3  Don't accept that bullying is normal - it isn't!

4  Talk to your friends and ask them to help you

5  Talk to a trusted adult/peer supporter to get help and support

6  Hang out with different people and avoid the bullies

7  Don't reply to bullying emails or texts

8  Do keep bullying emails or texts as proof

9  Keep a note of times/dates of incidents and who bullied you

10 Contact the police, with your trusted adult, if you feel in danger

To find out more about the Anti-Bullying Alliance visit the website: www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk

Anti-Bullying Work


Rights Respecting Texts

Take One Picture Week 4-8th December 2017

les meninas

Les Meninas- Diego Velazquez 1656

Water Warriors Day March 22nd

On March 22nd The whole school turned Blue for Water Warriors day we raised £232.42 for Water Aid and thepennyappeal.com!

We also learned a lot about how valuable water is and we will be spreading the word.


Our special homework task for this week will be to take a selfie with your favourite piece of art. Or you can be creative and  re enact a piece of art cover with your friends or family. 

See below for the results! 

Exploring UNCRC Articles 7 and 8

Our Take One Picture theme for this year is Respect your self(ie)  As you know, we are working towards our Rights Respecting Schools Award and our curriculum is focused on global and social issues.  During Take One Picture week we will use the art of Diego  Velázquez to  explore Articles 7 and 8 about our right to a family and to an identity.

The children in each year group will be using different art forms this year including sketching, painting, sculpture, mixed media collage, sculpture and anime design. We have lots of exciting activities planned and we will create many permanent displays of art for you to see.

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